Sound that Moves...

. . . you in extraordinary ways—ways that roll beyond simple “noise” into a stunningly rare transcendence in an over-saturated world.

Lia Nicine McCoo has been a catalyst for powerful, effective and transforming experiences for the last 35 years. Whether singing operatic styles to sultry caberet, to a ballsy blues ballad to Hebrew High Holiday chazzanut... whether teaching voice, playing congas, guitar, flutes and piccolo, play performance, etc., Ms. McCoo is sure to blow you away.



Third Cousin, Never Met Her.

OK, well once, actually. Related to Marilyn McCoo, obviously there must be a genetic pool somewhere. But Lia stands quite on her own.

To meet Lia is to meet personified Presence, wrapped in bright fabric—sometimes flamboyant, never dull! Lia naturally and seemingly effortlessly brings with that presence a tsunami of talent, passion and a transcendent, moving performance.

She is an accomplished singer/musician with a voice, sometimes rolling and deep, sometimes light and soaring . . . as wide as a river and powerful enough to lift a roomful of human spirit. She has the innate sense to recognize the wonder in a child's eyes and the ability to spin a tale right on the spot. To hear Lia is to participate beyond the Fourth Wall and to create an experience not soon forgotten.